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At the School Of Graduate Studies "We promise what we have and we give what we promise".
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can the School of Graduate Studies waive Tuition Fee?
No, the School of Graduate Studies has no mandate to waive tuition.  However, PhD and Doctoral Students who are at the same time academic staff of Makerere University may apply for waiver to the Human Resources Department, Staff Development Unit.   The Officer in charge is Mr. Steven Kateega.

Does Makerere reserve positions/places to admitted students who do not take the offer?
No, your place shall not be reserved unless you are registered upon admission.

Where can I obtain my financial statement?
At level 6 Room 612.

Currently I am registered in another University I want to take a few courses at Makerere University, is it possible?
This is possible.  Apply as an occasional student or short term student (see details in the Rules and Regulations, SGS website).

How do I go about withdrawing and extending the period of my studies?
See section on withdrawals and extensions in the Graduate Students' Handbook.

Where can I obtain application forms for withdrawal and extension?
On line or Room 414.

What must I do to be granted a withdrawal and extension on my study programme?
You must pay at least Sem. I tuition and all functional fees, register and then apply to withdraw and extend using forms obtainable from Room 414.

I want to change to another programme or course, is this possible?
Yes, apply within the first two weeks of your admission.  Forms are available online or Room 414.

Where can I find the School of Graduate Studies when I want to consult the Director about Academic Programmes?
The School of Graduate Studies is located in the Senate Building Level 4, Room 410 Makerere University, and the Director is Professor Eli Katunguka-Rwakishaya.

Where do I obtain application forms for masters programme when I am new in the place?
You can pick forms from the School of Graduate Studies Room 208 and the SGS website

What guidelines are there for writing a PhD proposal?
Refer to Research Proposal Guideline, the hard copy (costs 5000=).

What is the duration of PhD Programme and the fees structure?
PhD by research takes 4 years and the one by dissertation and research takes 3 years.  The fees depend on the programme taken and it is indicated on the Admission Letter.

Does the School of Graduate Studies offer scholarship to any needy studies?
Not yet except to some staff members.

How can I register at SGS?
Requirements for registration are on the admission letter.

Where do I register from?
Registration is done in Room 208, Graduate School, Senate Building, Level 2.

Where do I obtain an invoice from?
The invoices are obtained from Records Office, Room 414, School of Graduate Studies, Level 4, Senate Building.

Where do I pick bank slips from and where can I make payments?
The bank slips are picked from Room 208 or 414.  All payments are made into Makerere Univeisty Council Accounts, and in the following Banks, DFCU, Stanbic Bank Makerere University Branch and Stanbic Bank Wandegeya Branch.

Where do I submit my final dissertation and a letter of either intention to submit or submission of dissertation?
Dissertations or theses are submitted in Room 416 whereas  letter of submission and intention to submit are submitted in Room 410, School of Graduate Studies Level 4, Senate Building.

I have submitted my dissertations for examination.  How long do I take to check on the progress and where do I check?
Check after at least two weeks to give us ample time to request your Faculty/School/Institute to nominate examiners for you.  Then check with Room 414 where we already have examiners nominated give it 3 months after which you check with Room 414.

When my transcript has an error, where do I take it for correction?
The transcripts with errors are usually corrected in Room 506, Transcript Office, Level 5, Senate Building.

When do you usually advertise the Graduate Programmes?
Programmes are usually advertised every academic year, Programmes are advertised in New Vision/Monitor within the month of January.

When does the academic year start?
Each Academic Year starts August.

What is the procedure for getting an Identity Card?
First you have to register, give it three days then take your registration certificate plus the subject print out and financial statement obtained from room 612 to Level One, Lecture Room One, Senate Building and obtain an Identity Card.

I did my Bachelor's Degree in KIU.  Can I apply for a masters degree at Makerere University?
Only those who graduated after KIU was chartered.

What is a financial statement and how does it help me as a student?
This is a document that has a summary of your payments to the University and you can only have it after obtaining a Student Number and having paid fees.  This statement enables you to register.

Where do I go for registration?
Start from   Room 208 and then to the Registrar in Room 416 or 407.

What is the deadline for registration?
The deadline for registration is always indicated on the admission letter so you are advised to read the admission letter comprehensively.

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